Monday, April 9, 2012

Through the Glass

Characters (In case you're not familiar with Mario 64 for the DS)







I sit alone in the top of the tower. Toad keeps knocking on my door, trying to get me to eat something and snap out of this depression, but with no avail. I stare out the window at the glorious courtyard with trees and flowers that greets one as they near the castle. The little Goombas run around aimlessly, without a care whilst i cry away my troubles. Everything reminds me of her.
I turned from the window, half-falling as i scurried over to the giant portrait that forever reminds me of her absence. Oh Peach. When will i see you again? I had tried to defeat that darn Bowser, the one who took her away, but time after time I was left unconscious on the floor until Latiku came to bring me back to the safety of the palace. Only for a while, until i once again charged down the hall towards Peach's face only to see it turn to Bowser just before I entered his lair. Last time I lost too many hearts to go back, and Toad sent me here to wast away my time until i heal. Problem is, I won't eat anything so i don't see how any of this will work. This is about the time in the day when i wished i wasn't some character in a G-rated video game and could get wasted like any fool who got his true love ripped from him, but alas, no fire-water for me. Stupid laws.
I slam my fist down on the ledge under her picture. Darn you! Why did you have to leave me! Why didn't you come back? I've tried so hard, and my anger was so great that i jumped on the little ledge and tried to smash through the painting. Without it, maybe i could forget, or at least that's what my delusional mind was thinking. Problem was, my fist went through the picture, bubbling as the rest of me followed, as i was caught off guard. I tumbled into a new room; red and circular. It was plain apart from a slide on one side. I have nothing to lose, why not?
Without farther thought, down i went, head first. Coins appeared and i aimed for them. After a while, i noticed myself smiling, laughing, cursing as i missed them. This is a lovely distraction. I slid down, almost falling off once or twice, but it didn't matter to me anymore. I had nothing to live for, and therefore slid near the edge with no screams or fear, just laughter.
Sadly, the end came and i came to another room. It was red and circular like the first, apart from a raised part in the middle that held in its center a shining blue star. Oh yay, another one of these worthless things. I went up and grabbed it. Its weird, whenever i grab one it forces a smile on my face and me to do this, weird twist thing that doesn't seem possible. But i did it willingly this time, still breathing from the excitement of the slide. I go to the door that appeared on the opposite side from the slide until i hear a noise from behind.
"Mario?" Its a whisper that brings back memories of sunlight and fire-flowers. I turn quickly and there in the corner is the one from the portrait, clad in her beautiful pink gown and her golden curls just right.
"God, I'm halluciating now." I go to turn, when the delusion steps toward me and lays her soft hand on my thick shoulder. The touch. I know that is not imagination. I lean forward, and lips meet mine. The sweet embrace is warmer than a room of fire-flowers. If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up. But as she pulls away, i see real feeling in her eyes, and i know I've found her. "Peach. Why... Why are you here?"
"Bowser stuck me behind the mirror, but never thought that I could hide in here." She grabbed my hand and led me to the slide mouth, and showed me a cage underneath where one could hide for a short while. "I waited here for what seems like forever." She kissed my lips again, and it was nice that the feeling was still strong, and mutual. "I thought you would never find me. I could sometimes here you through the painting. I would scream and shout, but it seems like you can't here from the outside... I missed you so much."
"But i found you." I grabbed her hands in mine and clasped them tight, "We're together now. We can leave."
Her grip, stronger than mine at first, slackened, and tears welled in her deep blue eyes. "Only Bowser can open the door. He has the only key."
"I'll find a way. When does he come?"
A door slammed and a roar raged from above, "PRRIINCCESSSSSSS! I WILL FIND YOUUUU!!"
We glanced at each other, and strong fear filled her blue eyes and they grew larger and larger to hold its quota, "Hurry" she whispered as she shoved me down into the cage. We heard roars and screeching as he approached via slide.
We felt his weight buckle the slide a bit, and then heard the crash of his footsteps. OK, maybe he isn't that fat... But I'm the one telling the story and i get paid to make him look bad. He walked to the middle of the room yelling, and i slowly crept out of the cage. He was tossing his head in anger, fire spewing from his mouth as i crept up and jumped him. He whirled in anger, until he realized that one, he can't shake me and two, he can't grab me with his small arms. He was defenseless, and after hours of me doing my annoying Mario noises and multiple out of tune renditions of my theme song, he cracked.

"Get off me and I'll let you out!! Peach too... if i can find her."

After many promises and a couple pinkie swears, i knew he was for real. I climbed down and he attempted to massage his neck, but alas, couldn't reach that high. I went over to the slide to help Peach out, who was sore from sitting in the cage for so long. He pounded his fist at the ground in childish anger.

"I've been fooled!!! You were in cahoots with her! Oh well, I can't go back on a pinkie promise." He got up, magically produced a giant key because hey, small ones are for wimps. Soon it was me and Peach, standing on the balcony staring out a the sunset. I guess every G-rated game had to have a happy ending, and i was happy for it.

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