Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sample 1438

THE ORIGINAL!!! Put up in the "Be the Buyer" Yesturday, February 25th. I like the sash and the lace, but not really how they're put together. It would be cute with a military-style vest like the At Attention Vest, but only if it's unbuttoned (which isn't pictured) to show off the
lace and the form of the dress. I don't know if I like it without a jacket, but I haven't tried it on (and probably not going to because its $100+!!!). I guess it could work with a more girlie style: Purple heels to match the sash and a small cropped jacket like this Mike and Chris Colin cropped jacket(except in a more girlie style, remember, not a girlie girl).

Okie so i'm giving up on the trying to style girlie and let's get to it...

Redo #1

I like it better without the lace on the bottom because then there's contrast between the black design on the top and the flowy white skirt. I added some frill from Just Sway Yes Skirt to the top for some added flair.

Redo #2

I LOVE tux-like styles (I own about 3 vests :), so I thought i might as well try it. I don't think it looks that bad either. This wouldn't be complete without a big bow in the back of the sash. I think you'd need a weird personality to pull this off, LIKE ME!!!

Redo #3

I wanted to try it with a golden touch. I couldn't get the shine (darnit), but also i took off some of the lace on the bottom but kept it as a frill coming out of the sash. I like a more rounder skirt (as you can see in all 3 redos. I like this style the best of the 3 and the original, but i probably couldn't pull off a gold sash (just me).

Also i thought it was kinda creepy when she didn't have any hair so I added some ;]

Based off of My Heart is your Pincushion by ~WildRainOfIceAndFire on DeviantART.

Sample 1434

Sample 1434

Comments on this peice:

This is a beautiful start but I agree with others that the top is a little too boxy/plain/boring.
~Kisa girl Pick It! 02/24/12 @ 11:07AM
It's a very pretty dress. I love the underlay color. I lace goes really well with the underlay. I think it could use a belt of sash around the waist.
~Cara Pick It! 02/24/12 @ 10:25AM
[it needs] something a little more interesting. I agree that it is a bit pinaforish - perhaps a v or assymetric neck... just something to make it a bit more intresting.
~ModLover Pick It! 02/24/12 @ 10:16AM
This is nice but very very simple. Maybe add some waist definition?
~ModLover Skip It! 02/24/12 @ 07:49AM

Redo #1

  • Sash Added

from Sample 1335 (llink bottom)

  • Neckline less boxy

(Example dress on Base by ~Daikura)

link bottom

Redo #2

  • Added Sleeves

From Back in a Sash Top (link below)

(bottom's NOT suppose to be cut off sorry)

  • Deep Neck (maybe tooooo deep lol)

Redo #3

  • Sleeves

  • AND belt!! (Sample 1355 bottom)

  • DEEEPE Neck!!!

On El Chibi

(cited at bottom)

Which do you like best? Want me to change it more? COMMENT BELOW!!!

(Oh and i added fishies at the bottom, click to feed ;)

Sample 1434:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Redo Sample 1230

Sample 1230

I LOVE the buttons and the design, but the top is a bit funky...
Here's the to-do list:

  1. Reduce buttons

  2. Add sleeves

  3. Add some flair at the bottom

I'm going for a short, bouncy type of dress because i think this design will work and i have been inspired by Cat Valentine from Nickolodeon's Victorious

(I love this dress on her btw)

Step 1:

Make shorter

Step 2:


Step 3:


(Although the neckline was unique and stylish it isn't the look i'm going for)

Step 4:


(This is the bottom from Sample 1162)

Vuala (however one spells that)
I think this is the perfect edgy-but playful dress Cat Valentine would wear, and i think one would find it more appealing now ;]

(Cat Vatentine in a similar gown)

Man i really wish i could manipulate these in person but alas, i don't have these specific designs avalible... well i'll try to go to GoodWill soon!! yay!

Sample 1230

Sample 1162

Cat Valentine pic

Wowsies that's a long link (Its just phone wallpapers peeps)

Hope you liked it!! ;]

Redo Sample 1336

If you are not familiar with Modcloth's "Be the Buyer" addition it's where designers upload their designs. They are voted and critizied by the ModCloth viewers and are allowed on Modcloth if they get enough votes. So I picked one and photoshopped it to try to make it in my own style.

Sample 1336

A little bit wierd, but i like the geometric lace goin' on there. It was rejected by the majority of ModCloth users. Some of the comments below...

(srry couldn't make the pic bigger)

So my ideas of how to make it better:

  1. make the bottom shorter

  2. get rid of the belt thing

  3. Accessorize with a fat belt to hid the seam

  4. Cut off extra fabric on sides (too flabby)

Let's see how it looks!

(removed middle thingy)

(bottom half gone)

(put the pieces together...)

Isn't it better already?

AAANNDDD accesorize with a fat belt, this one is "Weaves of Grass Belt" avalible here:

Now just pair with some nice brown shoes and go!! Maybe a hippy headband would do!

Here's the link to Sample 1336:

And here's ModCloth:

Tithe Project

Ever heard of Tithing? Well it's a Religious thing were you donate 10% of your earnings to the church. I do that, except instead of giving it to the church i donate it to charity (my church doesn't do offering baskets... i know wierd right?)

Well my Tithe project 2012 is tie-blankets. Yes, blankets. Project Linus donates blankets to needy children, and since they're easy, fun, and cheap to make i thought why not! I've estimated about $15 for a big-ish blanket (I like 'em big, so i thought they should be), so I've been saving my tithe. I'm up to $18.30, but i'm waiting for more and a sale at my local fabric shop. It's going to be fun!

And here's a great idea! When I get enough for a couple of blankets i'm going to invite some peeps over and have a tie-blanket party!!! ;]

So blah blah blah you should join blah. blah blah good for the kids blah cute kids blah blah.
(I don't care if you join or not just bloggin' :)

Project Linus:
Don't know how to make one?

Got a BLOG!!!

Yay!! haha finally! I have absolutley no idea what to do!

So I'm Tommi Boshart (Boshark is a nickname) and I'm going to be writing a blog about anything from Fashion to Music. I'm still in school so if i do keep this up it will be sporatic. I swim and play waterepolo too, but i've recently gotten injured so i haven't practiced recently. I have no intention to become a famous blogger and i don't even think I'm going to really keep this up but here we go!

So i'm big into fashion. I just started altering some old clothes and shopping at Goodwill for fabric. I've made 1 skirt from a template and i've done a quilt-like jean pillow, a jacket from a skirt, a pillow from a skirt, and a skirt from a shirt.

But what i like to do is make outfits from clothes on (why ModCloth idk but i like it). I've never actually bought from Modcloth 1. because I don't have much money right now and 2. never found something I love that's cheap enough for me to buy it.

MUSIC!! I played the flute for six years now, 4 in a band, 2 sporatically. I picked up the trumpet 5 years ago and play it not so well, but i think it sounds good. I play the piano and sing (not for people though yet). My favorite song of the moment is "Bad Romance" by Lady GaGa and my favorite rendition is On The Rock's version (they're a all-boys college acapella group). Here's the link:

Favorite singers/groups: Daughtry, Lady GaGa, Adele, Evenescence, Lifehouse, and All American Rejects.

AAAAnnnddd.... that's about it so far... I think... Maybe... We shall soon see younge grasshopper...