Monday, February 20, 2012

Got a BLOG!!!

Yay!! haha finally! I have absolutley no idea what to do!

So I'm Tommi Boshart (Boshark is a nickname) and I'm going to be writing a blog about anything from Fashion to Music. I'm still in school so if i do keep this up it will be sporatic. I swim and play waterepolo too, but i've recently gotten injured so i haven't practiced recently. I have no intention to become a famous blogger and i don't even think I'm going to really keep this up but here we go!

So i'm big into fashion. I just started altering some old clothes and shopping at Goodwill for fabric. I've made 1 skirt from a template and i've done a quilt-like jean pillow, a jacket from a skirt, a pillow from a skirt, and a skirt from a shirt.

But what i like to do is make outfits from clothes on (why ModCloth idk but i like it). I've never actually bought from Modcloth 1. because I don't have much money right now and 2. never found something I love that's cheap enough for me to buy it.

MUSIC!! I played the flute for six years now, 4 in a band, 2 sporatically. I picked up the trumpet 5 years ago and play it not so well, but i think it sounds good. I play the piano and sing (not for people though yet). My favorite song of the moment is "Bad Romance" by Lady GaGa and my favorite rendition is On The Rock's version (they're a all-boys college acapella group). Here's the link:

Favorite singers/groups: Daughtry, Lady GaGa, Adele, Evenescence, Lifehouse, and All American Rejects.

AAAAnnnddd.... that's about it so far... I think... Maybe... We shall soon see younge grasshopper...

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