Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sample 1438

THE ORIGINAL!!! Put up in the "Be the Buyer" Yesturday, February 25th. I like the sash and the lace, but not really how they're put together. It would be cute with a military-style vest like the At Attention Vest, but only if it's unbuttoned (which isn't pictured) to show off the
lace and the form of the dress. I don't know if I like it without a jacket, but I haven't tried it on (and probably not going to because its $100+!!!). I guess it could work with a more girlie style: Purple heels to match the sash and a small cropped jacket like this Mike and Chris Colin cropped jacket(except in a more girlie style, remember, not a girlie girl).

Okie so i'm giving up on the trying to style girlie and let's get to it...

Redo #1

I like it better without the lace on the bottom because then there's contrast between the black design on the top and the flowy white skirt. I added some frill from Just Sway Yes Skirt to the top for some added flair.

Redo #2

I LOVE tux-like styles (I own about 3 vests :), so I thought i might as well try it. I don't think it looks that bad either. This wouldn't be complete without a big bow in the back of the sash. I think you'd need a weird personality to pull this off, LIKE ME!!!

Redo #3

I wanted to try it with a golden touch. I couldn't get the shine (darnit), but also i took off some of the lace on the bottom but kept it as a frill coming out of the sash. I like a more rounder skirt (as you can see in all 3 redos. I like this style the best of the 3 and the original, but i probably couldn't pull off a gold sash (just me).

Also i thought it was kinda creepy when she didn't have any hair so I added some ;]

Based off of My Heart is your Pincushion by ~WildRainOfIceAndFire on DeviantART.

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