Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sample 1434

Sample 1434

Comments on this peice:

This is a beautiful start but I agree with others that the top is a little too boxy/plain/boring.
~Kisa girl Pick It! 02/24/12 @ 11:07AM
It's a very pretty dress. I love the underlay color. I lace goes really well with the underlay. I think it could use a belt of sash around the waist.
~Cara Pick It! 02/24/12 @ 10:25AM
[it needs] something a little more interesting. I agree that it is a bit pinaforish - perhaps a v or assymetric neck... just something to make it a bit more intresting.
~ModLover Pick It! 02/24/12 @ 10:16AM
This is nice but very very simple. Maybe add some waist definition?
~ModLover Skip It! 02/24/12 @ 07:49AM

Redo #1

  • Sash Added

from Sample 1335 (llink bottom)

  • Neckline less boxy

(Example dress on Base by ~Daikura)

link bottom

Redo #2

  • Added Sleeves

From Back in a Sash Top (link below)

(bottom's NOT suppose to be cut off sorry)

  • Deep Neck (maybe tooooo deep lol)

Redo #3

  • Sleeves

  • AND belt!! (Sample 1355 bottom)

  • DEEEPE Neck!!!

On El Chibi

(cited at bottom)

Which do you like best? Want me to change it more? COMMENT BELOW!!!

(Oh and i added fishies at the bottom, click to feed ;)

Sample 1434:

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