Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sarah Kay

My new idol!!
Saw her video the other day and felt like posting it ;]
This is her poem "If i could have a daughter...."
and then it goes off to her telling about her life and ends with another stand-up poem.

my 3 things:
I know that i want to fly a kite today
I know its spring break
I know that i wanna listen to that video again!!!

The Flame

The scorching.
Sometimes it rips through my being.
Sending it’s sparks down my spine.
Those sparks fuel the fire,
And soon it shall send out the sparks again.
Oh the repeating is as constant as a metronome.
Tick, Tick.
They want to give me relief.
Four hours of freedom whilst they put out the flames.
But it has its own consequence, doesn’t everything?
The relief can overtake me too.
But it is fine and dandy,
Because I stay with the scorching
Because behind the scars and burnt flesh.
The pain is the only way I know it’s still there.
That it hasn’t left.
And under the control of something that takes it away…
How will I know it’s all done and over?
I’ll take the pain.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Rain Spiders

They keep my room safe from bugs,
And don’t even ask for a hug,
They keep to themselves,
And only come out to watch the rain.
They are Rain spiders.
They keep the bedbugs away
And blend into the rain droplets on my window.
But when the light goes on they scatter
And all I wished to do was thank them.

I got the idea, and i know its terrible but hey, i can't write a children's novel

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Peom i found

Thing i found on this cool idea where you use a couple things and create a peom. My writing teacher used this theme as an example: Red bird on a tree with grey birds. This one's on this idea. NOT MY OWN!!! here's the link.

Ruby Red

by ~Shiny-Tails

The straining of my vocal chords

Do nothing to break my screaming silence

I want desperately to join the chorus

Of beautiful voices the next tree over

Sung by monochromatic grey-scale songbirds

Yet I'm alone here on my old branchI spread my fiery ruby wings wide

And open my beak to voice my melody

But that tune is trapped and caught in my throat

No one cares to listen to the one who can't sing

They continue their harmonies in voiced calls

The tones all the same, but differing in ways

That one can only hear when quiet and listening

But I am forced to shut up and listen

Since my song was stolen due to my sins

So I sit here in my unvoiced difference

The ruby red outcast from the dusty singing birds

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mr Hat Story pt2

Side note: It's hard to add on to posts so i'm posting the new parts...

~Feed-the-world on

Josiv played with his bird all day. Kendall. Christanav showed him how to ‘tether’ it by tying a small rope around its legs. Chris lived on a farm and had his own bird, so its good. Plus Josiv really likes hanging out with Chris all day training his bird. Tori salted some meat for the little bird, and currently all is going well. Jared fashioned a bow for Kat, who has always wanted one (she’s pretty good too), so they’re out practicing. So it’s just me and myself, Tori’s fixing dinner and sent me to collect herbs for our supplies. She can always tell when a storm is coming, so time to stock up. I hope Kat kills something.
I’ve been gone for half-an-hour and the sun is getting low, best not to be alone in the dark. I found a good place to collect cactus fruit. I collected the biggest of the pairs, to allow the other to grow bigger. Learned it from my Dad… but I can’t dwell on that. I have to go back.
Suddenly I freeze. What was that? A moment passed and a low groan ripples through the scrubland. A coyote? No, they are higher pitched. “heeelllpp…..” Human, could it be? No one comes here. Could be dangerous, humans are dangerous. “Girll…. Hellp me….” Well, what the heck. If it’s an ambush, too late.
I climb over and find a boy, about my age, clad in a ragged top and ripped jeans. One shoe is missing, and…. Oh shoot… His Jacket is covering the blood from a wound on his shoulder. “Oh shoot.” Now it’s out loud.
“My shoulder….” His shaggy brown hair flips over to look at his sleeve.
“I see… Um, can you walk?” I shuffle. I can’t leave him, and it’s not far to home.
“Will you help me?” Hmm… not trusting. Good sign if he’d gonna be here a while.
“Yes. Come.” I help him up. He can walk, and we made it home before darkness engulfed the trail I made. I yell as we reach the bottom. Chris carried the boy up the hill and Jared carried me, asking me questions and being the protective other brother he is. “I’m fine Jared, I just found him by the cactus patch near the dead river. No I just helped him over here. How can he flippin’ hurt me when he can barely walk?! JARED!” I might not have said flippin’….
We made it up and Jared had to check me all over, then let me give Tori the herbs. I walked in the back room, the sick room, and then was sent out to fetch him a glass of water from storage… Then herbs… Then boil the water… Send Josiv and Kat to bed… I was drooping over when I finally was allowed to stay in and watch; finally no more jobs. He was sleeping. He never told about himself, and we gave him little information, mutual agreement. Tori made a salve to plaster his arm with, and everything we could do was done. Now I have to go to bed. Nothing till morning.
Kat, Josiv and I walked to the spring and I rush them home. He’s still not awake. Chris says he gave his name: Jeer. Funny name. Jared tells me to stay away, he thinks there something funky with him. I think something’s funky with Jared. But I stick to my bis’ until he leaves and then sneak a peek. It’s so weird to me having an outsider. I forgot mostly everything before we lived here, my brother said I got hurt real bad when we escaped. But I do remember somethings: dad, mom, a little baby… but that’s it.
But there’s something really different. His hair was patched with black soot, and his injured arm had fresh scars lining it. The way he was sleeping showed a segment of his back, also littered with scars. I reached to pull up his blanket and he jerked, sitting up quickly, braced with his arms until he faltered, his injury catching up with him.
“Sorry. Just fixing your blanket, didn’t mean to wake you.” I cowered away from him.
“Oh… Thanks…” He looked through the walls, into some distant land I know none of.
“So, your Jeer right?”
He looked up confused, then, seeming to remembered replied, “ Yeah, that’s right. I’m Jeer.”

Mr Hat Story

~Sampi1 on

I always wake up with the sun in my eyes, with the feeling of being probed in my gut. Then i remember where i am, who I'm with, and how we must live here.

My name is Natalie Watkins. I don't know how old i am exactly, but around 20. I've been here a long time, maybe 2 years. maybe 3 years. I do know i was 18 when i ran to this desert to escape the claws of... well... i don't really know. I'm here with my brother, Jared. He's 23 ish, 21 when we got here. Then there's Josiv, and i don't know how old he is, but i know he's the youngest here. Then Kat, who was 15. And Tori, 19. And Christanav, 25. There's basically my family.

The sun's peeking over the mountains, so i should go get water before it's too hot. I wake up Kat and Josiv. Josiv groans, as he does every morning, because he must go with us, the youngest, to get water while Jared and Christanav hunt and Tori tends the fire and the house we have. Kat hits him with the pillow and he silently wakes and slowly begins to follow us. "You'd think after 2 years he'd finally get use to getting the water..." Kat whispers as we shouldn't be too loud to awake Jared and Christanav, as they came home late yesterday and need their rest.

"Remember, he waited up for them last night, he must be tired too. Give the kid a rest, all he wants is to be like the guys." I say watching Josiv search for the water jugs.

"Weren't they gonna take him the next time?" Kat said grabbing the pull-cart and bringing it so Josiv could load it.

"Shh, we can't say anything about that!"

I help Josiv with the big pot and we set out. Josiv gradually wakes up as he launches into the grand story of the guys return last light with an Antelope and a huge, he stressed the size, pair of dirt snakes. Oh Tori will love that. She hates snakes.

We get there, load the water and wash the dirt from our skin. Josiv, energized by yesterdays catch, manages to catch a bird with his hand. "Natalie! Kat! LOOK! I caught it all by myself, yessiree all by myself. You probably didn't know that i was good enough to catch a bird with my bare hands!"

"Let it go! You're hurting to poor thing!" Kat screamed as Josiv shoved it into her face.

"You can only keep it if you still help us with the water." I said, ending the eminent dispute between Kat and Josiv over the safety of the bird.

"OK! Man this will be great! I have my own bird and OH MAN! I'm gonna teach this bird to hunt! Have you ever seen those? The birds that go and bring back prey to their owners? I'm gonna teach it to be like that! OH MAN!" we actually had a basket which we made a makeshift cage, which Josiv modified so 'his bird' wouldn't escape. And me and Kat groaned as we listened to everything his bird will do in the future. Poor bird.


~falcon-ryder on

We got home there was Christanav's hat laying on the rock with his pair of broken sunglasses on top. We smelled the scent of Tori's cooking as we reached home.

Oh right, our house. It's one of those abandoned dirt structures built into a wall of rock. We have the 'kitchen' that's the only room laid with stone on the floor, so that it can be cleaned and good for cooking. we have the fire pit in one corner, as well as a grass cushion for Tori to rest on after cooking and cleaning all day. Then that's linked to the front room, where Christanav and Jared sleep, to protect us. And where Josiv sleeps, so he can be with the guys and protect us 'fair maidens' when they're gone. Also we have our thistle cover to put over our door as if the steep climb isn't enough. Then there's the our room, which me, Kat and Tori sleep. It only fits our mattress of grass and a few sheets woven from this one long-leaved plant. Then we just have the garden room, with slits thin enough to discourage birds but plentiful enough to grow some simple things. There are rooms everywhere, even one across from the girls room that we use when we get sick. In there is just a matteress and a small window on the left side.
We don't use many of the other houses, some have broken and frankly, we just don't have enough people to really inhabit more that what we already do.
but they're there, and we all have our little nooks we hide in when we've had too much of each other. but back to what was going on.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


I was messing with polyvore....... I don't have an account because it won't load on my computer and i can only access the editor (which is good i guess) so, hopefully more than just this pic ;] i did one but i forgot to save the screen D;


Saturday morning. The light is shining through my window. For some reason i cannot take my eyes off the sincereness of it as it fades throught the dotted clouds in the sky. Even though the clouds are floating on their merry way, the sun does not glare down to the sad inhabitants of earth, but instead glows, as if it knows the fragile state i'm in. It takes all of me not to reach out and touch the cold glass of the window, for i know that cannot happen. The light is not here to take me away, it is here to help me find strength to keep going.
The next day is the same, but this time i must turn from the shady shimmer of light to keep from leaving my warm bed. I have to go on, there's no giving up now.
Soon the light doesn't shine like winter, but summer, like it does on everyone. I passed the test. I may go on with my new strength and find my way through life, but i will always remember the choice i made in the hard times, thinking whether i should have followed the light to end all my miseries, but i know God is watching and he will guide me through them to find the times that make me say i'm glad i turned from the easy answer because those are the times that make it all worth while.

Today's status

So yesturday i wrote a new song and i've figured out some of the chords and maybe sometimes i'll put it on here. ;] HOPEFULLY!!!!!
I'm currently trying to get a Polyvore account but my computer is being stupid and it won't let me ;( darnnnn

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Death Blade

The walk to death
the cries and screams of those in need
of blood poured and stains clean
the soulless face
the rude hand
the last words of a stand
to whomever it may concern
to whomever will hear it
to whomever
it tis in books written that he was a fool
that he was nasty, wicked, and cruel
but i believe he lost his place
forgot his head and watched the race
for none could be like that for anything but desire
whether obtainable or not
i pray it can be gotten
The cheers arouse at the fall of the blade
the drips and stains wash through the crowd
blessings come from this blood we spilled
but will it really?
he stood his ground
he still remained proud
that was his downfall
for if the blood-thirsty mongrels heard him cry in pain
if they heard his fear
if they had proof he was indeed human
this might've ended with no pool to clean
this might've never ended this way
this might've been humane

but its over
and nothing can be changed

everyone likes a little taste of the french revolution right? ;] poor napoleon.......


Only to fall, but no where to land

The feeling that lingers after you draw back your hand

The emptiness of your arms around me

Nothing i can see

People notice my eyes gone grey

They ignore me as i sit alone, staring out at the bay

The waves silently playing

Trees are softly swaying

But the rock stands still

Everything laughing around it but it has no will

Nothing from here

Nothing nowhere

Time to fall

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Schönes Bloonbirne

a story made with pictures

By Tommi Boshart

I remember where I first saw her. We were at a party thrown by a friend. It was outdoors, in the backyard of the clubhouse down the street. Everything was natural: cobblestone paths and candles in glass wrapped in lilac stems. But the one thing I remember is the upcycled light bulbs, schönes bloonbirne, turned into hanging flower holders. Something about the trees laden with these vases was sketched into my mind so deep. Well, besides first seeing her.
She came, into this rustic scene, wearing a lace dress with long sleeves and a puffed skirt, but the thing that made her stick out was the color. Cherry red. She made a scene among the waves of tan, denim, and brown pigments of everyone else, and that’s when I knew I’d get along with her. That’s when I met my best friend. The show at the party wasn’t the only thing. We went to Paris once and she stormed through the city with high heels and a tan party dress high in the front, low in the back. The corset top and ruffles on the skirt were different, even in the city of style. She was the light, although foreign, that outshined all those around her.

Before I thought she was the most perfect person in the world. Even when she was single and looking, she showed strength. She said, “I won’t marry until I feel love. Not just attraction, sexually, or because of desperation. I want the feeling people write novels about.” I wished the same thing. My boyfriend spent too much time looking he shouldn’t. Sadly, though I had brushed the idea of true love off. My fairy tale ended long ago, but hers didn’t seem to have an end. She got married to Prince Charming a year after they met. At their wedding, a cake with a red flower, cascading like a waterfall down the side, and the light bulbs hanging from the trees. That was my idea. She loved it.
She entered from the light blue house atop the hill, walked down the aisle in a tan dress with lace on the top and crawling out from the waistband. Did I mention she liked lace? She was stunning, as always, but the glamour didn’t last. Their marriage was a success, but soon after the big day, she lost a baby. Her husband bought her a simple charm, sterling silver heart with a baby tucked inside and one, dazzling, white diamond. She wore the necklace out; she was always buying a new chain to carry the pendant. She was hard to talk to after that. Sometimes she’d even cry. Her husband and I tried to help her out, and soon she was pregnant again. The blues fluttered away like butterflies to a warm place. It was a girl, who was sent to ballet school. Soon she was the lead in all her performances. What a charmed life. Oh how I envy. But all through this time it wasn’t just her life improving, but mine. I held on to those frivolous fairy tales and sashayed my way through life on high heels and shining dresses. I met my husband at one of her parties too; a real gentleman. We were married in the mountains, with a rustic wedding. And there were light bulbs hanging from the trees.

This is a story made with pictures taken from random Pinterest posts. Pictures ARE NOT MINE!!! I don't have the sources of the pictures (SORRY!!! I DON'T WANT TO COPYRIGHT!!!). I'll be better next time. ;( I hope you enjoyed the story.

Friday, March 9, 2012

March 9th

Ahh, Happy 69th day of 2012!!!!!! Its....


The day gold was first found in California (1842)

The Day Napoleon Bonaparte married his first wife, Josephine (1796)

On March 9, 1934, Yury Gagarin, the world's first man in space, was born.

March 9 – Panic Day
"Now… everyone remain calm, except today. This is the only official day to panic."


o o


Phiddling with Pinterest


So, I got accepted into Pinterest, except for i don't have a Facebook or Twitter so, i will not be posting anytime soon.

I found some cute pics though 'cuz they let you veiw some (kinda creepy) ;] (there's one that lost his hat............................. right........................................................... .................................................................... ....................................................................There-->


<- good craft for an outdoor party!!!! I have some lilacs in my yard (or is it lavender? I need to tend that more often lol) but it's cheap. just go to a dollar store or a thrift store and buy some cheap glass things and candles. Better yet, get some old-style jam jars and wrap the lilacs around them ;]

Soo cute

Then there's these lovely recycled (or is it upcycled?) Lightbulb Flower pot-hangers

I'm gonna find some right now and mess with them (and possible weed the garden ;P )


I swear i found and tried on a dress just like this (except form-fitting) at forever21 for, maybe $30 (i said if my friends bought it i would wear it to school, and i don't wear dresses often)

but i kinda liked it, i like those things that POP, ya know?

Now this dress.... My first question is where would you wear this? the bottom is elegant with edgy, but the top is just racy... and bejeweled.... and looks like its about to come off.

I think it's funny that she's just out on the street with that (i know its a photo shoot)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lolz Intersections

I was reading mlia today and read this

Today I was driving and I stopped at a stop sign. I waited for it to turn
green. MLIA.

This reminded me of a video i saw a couple years ago about a snail and an intersection....
you should watch it.
Its funny.

Another one said

I bored today so I went on urban dictionary and typed in Justin Beiber and
got the usual stuff and then i saw a mysterios link... Justin Beiber Syndrome- A
disease in which the holder is affected by all of the symptoms that Justin
Beiber has (high pitched voice, being bad at singing, etc.). The only known way
to get rid of Justin Beiber Syndrome is to find Zaphlex in its physical form.
The only way to obtain Zaphlex is to climb to Yosemite mountain and meet bear to
witness the mythical and rare double rainbow. MLIA

Wouldn't it be fun to print out a bunch of pieces of paper saying that and go to target and stick them on random Justin Beiber Products?
I thought it would be safe saying that since no one reads this anyway ;]

Youtube: Am I pretty or Not?

There's a new youtube trend where tweens (10-13 year olds) post videos of themselves on Youtube asking the general public whether they're pretty or not. I read an article, watched a video on it and looked on youtube and it's bad. Some of the comments were downright mean! I left some good comments on some of the videos, but i know it won't do much good. They probably have stopped looking at the comments by now.
I guess now that the internet is avaliable to just about everyone those little girls are posting their insecurities online so they can meet the approval of strangers. I remember being that insecure, but my parents didn't allow me to put my picture online, let alone a video.
I hope that their parents and real people in their lives help them with their problems, but hopefully no one else will post those videos online.

We should all visit the song by Selena Gomez called "Who Says" about believing in yourself and not listening to the opinions of others.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eye-Catching Clothing

Want to Stand out?

Got a crush on the cashier at KFC? opps... Jamba? (everyone's healthy now) Here's some clothes that might help you get noticed... good.... or not... if you have the spare change ;]

FREE US SHIPPING Victorian Newspaper Princess Dress and Neck Collar ~PoshFairytaleCouture $499.00 USD


OOAK Wearable Art Concert Piano dress $495.00 USD yuliyawimmerlin


Little Wing Shrug ~Celapiu $125.00 USD

Women's Retro 40's Style Top Upcycled Clothing Olive Green Tunic Shirt Tan Brown Leather Strappy Medium Large 'CORINNE' ~BrokenGhostCouture $62.00 CAD Approximately $64.38 USD

Nose!!! :o)


My Teacher used this in a slide 'cuz they like putting random pics in the lecture to keep us entertained (helps SOO much).

Can you imagine seeing this in a bathroom? SO COOL!!! you walk into, like a bathroom in a gas station and the have a giant nose and you're thinking to yourself, what am i suppose to do?

You can get them for like, $10 at Amazon and $9 at SunTekStore