Sunday, March 4, 2012

Lolz Intersections

I was reading mlia today and read this

Today I was driving and I stopped at a stop sign. I waited for it to turn
green. MLIA.

This reminded me of a video i saw a couple years ago about a snail and an intersection....
you should watch it.
Its funny.

Another one said

I bored today so I went on urban dictionary and typed in Justin Beiber and
got the usual stuff and then i saw a mysterios link... Justin Beiber Syndrome- A
disease in which the holder is affected by all of the symptoms that Justin
Beiber has (high pitched voice, being bad at singing, etc.). The only known way
to get rid of Justin Beiber Syndrome is to find Zaphlex in its physical form.
The only way to obtain Zaphlex is to climb to Yosemite mountain and meet bear to
witness the mythical and rare double rainbow. MLIA

Wouldn't it be fun to print out a bunch of pieces of paper saying that and go to target and stick them on random Justin Beiber Products?
I thought it would be safe saying that since no one reads this anyway ;]

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