Saturday, March 24, 2012

Peom i found

Thing i found on this cool idea where you use a couple things and create a peom. My writing teacher used this theme as an example: Red bird on a tree with grey birds. This one's on this idea. NOT MY OWN!!! here's the link.

Ruby Red

by ~Shiny-Tails

The straining of my vocal chords

Do nothing to break my screaming silence

I want desperately to join the chorus

Of beautiful voices the next tree over

Sung by monochromatic grey-scale songbirds

Yet I'm alone here on my old branchI spread my fiery ruby wings wide

And open my beak to voice my melody

But that tune is trapped and caught in my throat

No one cares to listen to the one who can't sing

They continue their harmonies in voiced calls

The tones all the same, but differing in ways

That one can only hear when quiet and listening

But I am forced to shut up and listen

Since my song was stolen due to my sins

So I sit here in my unvoiced difference

The ruby red outcast from the dusty singing birds

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