Sunday, March 18, 2012


Saturday morning. The light is shining through my window. For some reason i cannot take my eyes off the sincereness of it as it fades throught the dotted clouds in the sky. Even though the clouds are floating on their merry way, the sun does not glare down to the sad inhabitants of earth, but instead glows, as if it knows the fragile state i'm in. It takes all of me not to reach out and touch the cold glass of the window, for i know that cannot happen. The light is not here to take me away, it is here to help me find strength to keep going.
The next day is the same, but this time i must turn from the shady shimmer of light to keep from leaving my warm bed. I have to go on, there's no giving up now.
Soon the light doesn't shine like winter, but summer, like it does on everyone. I passed the test. I may go on with my new strength and find my way through life, but i will always remember the choice i made in the hard times, thinking whether i should have followed the light to end all my miseries, but i know God is watching and he will guide me through them to find the times that make me say i'm glad i turned from the easy answer because those are the times that make it all worth while.

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