Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eye-Catching Clothing

Want to Stand out?

Got a crush on the cashier at KFC? opps... Jamba? (everyone's healthy now) Here's some clothes that might help you get noticed... good.... or not... if you have the spare change ;]

FREE US SHIPPING Victorian Newspaper Princess Dress and Neck Collar ~PoshFairytaleCouture $499.00 USD


OOAK Wearable Art Concert Piano dress $495.00 USD yuliyawimmerlin


Little Wing Shrug ~Celapiu $125.00 USD

Women's Retro 40's Style Top Upcycled Clothing Olive Green Tunic Shirt Tan Brown Leather Strappy Medium Large 'CORINNE' ~BrokenGhostCouture $62.00 CAD Approximately $64.38 USD

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