Thursday, March 15, 2012

Death Blade

The walk to death
the cries and screams of those in need
of blood poured and stains clean
the soulless face
the rude hand
the last words of a stand
to whomever it may concern
to whomever will hear it
to whomever
it tis in books written that he was a fool
that he was nasty, wicked, and cruel
but i believe he lost his place
forgot his head and watched the race
for none could be like that for anything but desire
whether obtainable or not
i pray it can be gotten
The cheers arouse at the fall of the blade
the drips and stains wash through the crowd
blessings come from this blood we spilled
but will it really?
he stood his ground
he still remained proud
that was his downfall
for if the blood-thirsty mongrels heard him cry in pain
if they heard his fear
if they had proof he was indeed human
this might've ended with no pool to clean
this might've never ended this way
this might've been humane

but its over
and nothing can be changed

everyone likes a little taste of the french revolution right? ;] poor napoleon.......

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