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Saturday, May 5, 2012

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Miley Cyrus has Celiac disease or a Gluten Intolerance

I'm kinda happy about that, not in a "Oh Karma" way like many people i know would be, but in a genuinely happy way.
For you who don't know, Celiac disease is a condition where when you eat products containing the protein gluten (in Wheat, Rye and Barley) your body attacks it in the small intestine, destroying the lining of Cilia, which help you absorb nutrients. It can occur anytime in life, from early childhood to old age, and for me, last year. That means you can't eat anything processed with wheat or you get severe stomach aches and more of your intestine dying. But symptoms vary in every individual. My friend who has it has no symptoms, whereas my cousin can't even use pans that have touched wheat, and then there's me who isn't affected unless it's the amount in a bite of bread. There's also Gluten intolerance, which is the same thing without the harm to your small intestine, and Miley Cyrus hasn't reported which one it is, and i don't blame her. I don't even know which one it is, but i still treat it like Celiac for safety.
Now Tommi, why are you so happy that this poor girl has been stricken by this terrible disease? The reason is simple: she's a Celebrity, and therefore will bring more awareness to this issue. There's a good amount of specially made food out there for those who need it, but things like Airplane flights, eating out for lunch, and Italian restaurants are a little harder to find ways to not go hungry. For example, there's a trip my class can go on where we visit other countries. The program gives you food, and the only choices are Vegan and Regular, so i am unable to go on the trip because of my condition. Also camps are hard, because there's not many of us, and we still have to eat. I go to a camp over summer and come back hungry from nearly starving for a week, but its what i have to do to go there, so i do it.
So basically I want more awareness for more opportunities. But i still don't want to wish it on other people. that's just mean.

That's my spiel. Ich hoffe du magst es :)