Sunday, March 4, 2012

Youtube: Am I pretty or Not?

There's a new youtube trend where tweens (10-13 year olds) post videos of themselves on Youtube asking the general public whether they're pretty or not. I read an article, watched a video on it and looked on youtube and it's bad. Some of the comments were downright mean! I left some good comments on some of the videos, but i know it won't do much good. They probably have stopped looking at the comments by now.
I guess now that the internet is avaliable to just about everyone those little girls are posting their insecurities online so they can meet the approval of strangers. I remember being that insecure, but my parents didn't allow me to put my picture online, let alone a video.
I hope that their parents and real people in their lives help them with their problems, but hopefully no one else will post those videos online.

We should all visit the song by Selena Gomez called "Who Says" about believing in yourself and not listening to the opinions of others.

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