Monday, February 20, 2012

Redo Sample 1336

If you are not familiar with Modcloth's "Be the Buyer" addition it's where designers upload their designs. They are voted and critizied by the ModCloth viewers and are allowed on Modcloth if they get enough votes. So I picked one and photoshopped it to try to make it in my own style.

Sample 1336

A little bit wierd, but i like the geometric lace goin' on there. It was rejected by the majority of ModCloth users. Some of the comments below...

(srry couldn't make the pic bigger)

So my ideas of how to make it better:

  1. make the bottom shorter

  2. get rid of the belt thing

  3. Accessorize with a fat belt to hid the seam

  4. Cut off extra fabric on sides (too flabby)

Let's see how it looks!

(removed middle thingy)

(bottom half gone)

(put the pieces together...)

Isn't it better already?

AAANNDDD accesorize with a fat belt, this one is "Weaves of Grass Belt" avalible here:

Now just pair with some nice brown shoes and go!! Maybe a hippy headband would do!

Here's the link to Sample 1336:

And here's ModCloth:

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