Sunday, April 8, 2012

List of Fun

I'm saddened by the fact that i can't find a list of fun, weird, interesting things to do on my free time. Shame.

So i'm making my own!!

  1. Draw a giant chess board on the street and play chess/checkers with friends

  2. Build a sculpture out of post-it notes or Oreo filling

  3. Make cookies shaped like something abnormal (ie mustaches, bottles, watering cans)

  4. walk around with a guitar and sing

  5. Reenact funny scenes (ie 'The British are coming!' or Narnia or Wizard of Oz)

  6. Go garage sale hopping

  7. have a PICNIC!!!!

  8. Make up a short musical and videotape it

  9. Find Four-leaf clovers

  10. Play 'wheres waldo' in a giant store/mall

  11. Have Tea like the English

  12. make a parody of a music video

  13. Go frog hunting

  14. Arrange a scavenger hunt with a reward of free ice cream


  16. search MLIA and plan to give someone an MLIA moment

  17. Have a costume party where you dress as famous people!

  18. Make an awesome cake like from Cake Boss

  19. Start a band

  20. play tackle spoons (or pool spoons with WATERPROOF cards)

  21. Learn to duck call

  22. Try to herd cattle/sheep/cats/etc

  23. play capture the flag across a whole neighborhood

  24. play kickball

  25. build a giant sculpture for no reason

  26. Make a bouquet for the elderly

  27. Drink a coke

  28. Do something you're scared of

  29. Make someone happy with something unexpected

  30. Have a party centered around one thing (ie Pie party, Carrot party, wrapping paper party)

  31. Call someone you haven't talked to in a while

Eventually i'm gonna do everything on this list, some i've already done, some not. Anywho I know i will have fun with this list unlike any other on e i've seen on the Internet!!

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