Sunday, April 15, 2012

Plants vs Zombies pt 1

1st Strike

Everything is different now. Now there's zombies everywhere attacking. But they haven't reached Masonville. Not yet.

I saw the first arrive not too long ago. He stumbled along in the other direction; so no threat. But that means i can't experiment anymore. My creation must now show its true worth. Down to the basement and up I carry my treasures. Of course they aren't awake yet. If my calculations are correct they will need one more key subsistence.

I see more shapes stumbling, some falling, as they reach the top of Johns Street. I plant the first one in the ground, a firer. This is it, I use my 'sunnet' and catch an orb of pure sunlight; pure energy. That's my life source for now. My only protection. Let's hope it works. I press the orb to the seedling as the first one walks up, the scout. At least he's in front of the rest. And i have the last resort tucked in my belt; I've heard that death by zombie is painful.

It grows, just a little because they were my backup shooters for if there was a shortage of sunlight. It opens its eyes: black, beauty. It looks back at me, then the scout. It fires and hits! Over and over and over till rotten flesh falls in front of me. I toss the body into the fireplace with a smile. We might survive. There's a chance now. I plant more, waiting the couple of moments i must so i don't drain the sun until i have a firing squad and a couple of regeneration plants for help with sunlight. Its all set. So far their only attacking the front side. I guess they follow their scout religiously.

Their scouter zombie is now in my fireplace. Booyah. I'm gonna need a bigger fireplace. Better put that on the list. And I'll get Chaz on making more plants. At least we can harvest their parts and so we need no more supplies than what we already have.

It seems they are very ordered creatures: they keep the weak ones in the front followed by a mob of about equal individuals and end with one or two strong ones. either that or they are incredibly slower as they get stronger. Well it don't matter; we'll live. Time for celebration. We'll sit around our fire of the invaders and drink our spoils. For it will be a while till the next attack because the radar shows nothing in a 2day radius. We'll go forage and build. Wait for next time.

1 down


I made this up a while ago... thought i might as well try to continue it... you see, this is why i need a fanfiction... but oh well. I don't do many stories on video games for it to really matter...

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