Friday, April 6, 2012

City of Streetlights

Here i am, the City of Stars. Not New York, not Paris, no. Hollywood. It's my big beginning. Todays audition went well, and they are thinking of keeping me instead of the other girls who've been here forever trying... Of course they give it to me. The outsider. The one still getting use to all of this. Me out of the billion other girls who want this way more than i do. Life is unfair.

The smell of fast food at every corner is the hardest thing to come to terms with. Apparently everything can be fried, and everyone seems to live off of the food served up by a fat greasy man with a cart. It's sad, because I remember the savory air floating around outside the diner and bakery in the small town i'm from. It's hard to beat ol' Maybelle Clemetine's cooking. She was the bright and lively daughter of Mrs. Clemetine who owned the Diner, and made the best Angle Food cake in the world. But now i'm forced to the fodder like everyone else in this city. Bleh.

The worst thing is the stars are gone here, the streetlights and lit windows seem to scare them away, if the noise and bustling hasn't already. There's no night chill either, just the warm breath from the the hard-worked people steaming out from every atom. Only the top few get the chance to laugh. Those would be the movie stars. The ones who made it. Me, I'm part of that group now, i guess.

It still seems a bit surreal. Here, the stars are not something that makes you humble, instead, they're people. They are you. They, exault you like Greek Gods. I'm nothing more than a girl from a small town no one has ever heard of and yet, I get the star treatment. Why?

But i still go on to the shoot, play the parts, master the look. I get by, days flutter on the wings of butterflies who no longer wish to stay. Almost when I'm use to it, the last scene is shot and I'm sent back home for a few days. Nothing is the same. People who pushed me down only to rub my nose in the dirt are now my 'Best Friend'. Even my true friends can't stop asking me about the movie, my costars, the streetlights shining like stars on the wet pavement. I feel alone. Why can't they just go back to what it was like before? Why did i ever take the job?

I leave the last reminants of home in the dust of my new shiny streetcar. I go back to the city of streetlights. Its the only place i know anymore. The only place i can find the tinyest wedge to fit in and become a part of. Tears stream down leaving cool trails of running makeup. I don't know who i am anymore. Its like i've faded into dust.

Welcome home, to the place where the streetlights shine like stars.


PS: I got the INSPIRATION for this story from my friend's blog:

(See^ Streetlights shine like stars. Get it?)

so yeah, hope you enjoyed!!

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